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Netherland Dwarf rabbit breed is one of the smallest, very cute, gentle, loving and a lot of fun to play with. They make great pets for kids & adults alike


  1. Posted by itsarianagrandex, — Reply

    Hey! Don't hold a bunny like that, they can break their bones, they're very fragile animals. Please take care of them well. Maybe watch Lennon the bunny on YouTube for help :)

  2. Posted by dancerabi, — Reply

    Please don’t ever hold your rabbit like this they hate it but they feel confined to that position and they could possibly break their back bc of it!!!

  3. Posted by aphillpottsjones, — Reply

    do NOT hold your rabbit like this they are prey animals and hate being held. this rabbit is obviously scared out of its mind. you must be a terrible bunny parent do your research!!!!!

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    Tips for cleaning your pet:

  10. Posted by sedonatkrause, — Reply

    Look at his little pee paws my bunny has that too❤️❤️❤️🥰😂Lol

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