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After tweaking my process a bit by bit for each client I have worked with, I have finally settled in on a process that works really well for my clients and me.  I still remember how I presented logos to my first clients. A simple 1 page pdf with black and white logo and a brief description of the concept.  The problem with this approach was there was a lot of uncertainty in my clients’ minds. Every designer has a certain vision in their minds for each design they create. Usually, when a designer creates a logo they will have a certain idea of what the design would look like in the wild. But, clients are not mind readers. It’s hard for them to see what vision the designer has in mind with a particular concept. They wonder if the design would look good in color, if they would even like the concept in colors, how would the concept look on their website or social. These are valid concerns.  And I wanted to erase this uncertainty and doubts from their minds.  So I researched a lot, asked feedback from my clients and finally revamped my process and it has been working wonders! Presenting the logos The first thing I did was stopped showing a pdf to my clients.I took on a more active role. I now hop on a zoom call with my clients to present the logo in a Keynote presentation. Step 1 I fire up the Keynote and begin with a short description of creative direction that we had initially come up with.  It helps my clients remember the strategy we discussed earlier in the process. This avoids any confusions as to why certain decisions were made. I also include a slide with the Inspiration board which helps them to get into the “mood” that was created. Step 2 I explain the concept behind the logo, the inspiration that went in to designing it, how I arrived to the final design.  For more details into the concept and design explanation : The one concept approach in logo design Step 3 I reveal the logo with colors. It’s a single slide with only the logo so that the design has a room to breathe. Step 4 In the next slide, I present the logo using mockups in contextual real world scenarios where they are likely to use the logo. Social media profiles, business cards,…


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